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So I haven’t come up with a real name yet so we’ll call it this

The love children

My alarm rings, it’s 5 in the morning and its the day I’ve been dreading for so long. It’s the first day of Freshman year, and if I could get out of today, I would. I roll over in my bed but can’t find the strength to go over and push snooze so I just go back to sleep with my alarm still going off.
I gather up the strength to push snooze and go back to sleep. Ten more minutes of peace before this awful day actually has to begin. My alarm rings again and I pull myself out of bed and decide to get ready for the day. I go to the bathroom and take a good look at myself in the mirror.
“Okay, it’s my first day, new school, new state, new people. I can be somebody completely different. I could be the cool guy every girl wants, I could be the incredibly shy guy that everyone wants to know. I could be ANYONE.” I mutter to myself in the mirror.
My long dark brown hair is a mess and needs to be done but I’m way to lazy. I put on my glasses and take a really good look at myself. My snakebites are all crooked and they need to be fixed. I readjust them and decide to straighten my hair.
“Oliver, your bus is here, get down here and enjoy your first day of school.” My dad says.
I grab my backpack and my hoodie and go downstairs.
“Bye dad, I hope you have a good day at work.”
I walk outside and get on my bus. The worst part is me being the first stop. You have to decide where to sit and what decision to make. Luckily the first day is only freshman, so there won’t be anybody to menacing on here. The bus creeps slowly towards the next stop. The kid looks pretty nice.
He has short light brown hair an amazing jaw line and this perfect smile. He comes and sits in front of me and introduces himself.
“Hi, I’m Ethan. I saw you guys moving in a couple weeks ago and wanted to say hi.”
“Oh, well, hi. I’m Oliver. I just moved here from New Jersey.”
“I can tell from the accent.” Ethan smiles and laughs.

We talk the entire bus ride on the way to the school, completely disregarding everybody else on the bus. I’m not going to lie, he’s probably the sweetest and nicest most adorable thing on the planet.

We look at each others schedules and it turns out we have our first hour together, which is comforting, actually knowing someone in the class. We walk in the school and sit in the cafeteria, a couple of Ethans friends come and sit with us, and they’re really nice. We talk for about twenty minutes before the bell ring and as soon as it does we all hurry to class, because honestly, it’s the first day of school, who the fuck knows where the class is.

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